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Barrington Brewery Run

Barrington Brewery Run

Local loop to Great Barrington MA Thursday Aug 15, 2019 (~ 280 miles) My buddies Ken and Roy decided to meet up for another mid-week lunch in Western MA and invited me along. The plan was to meet up with Sean, another long-distance rider from MA who’d recently documented a long trip out west on […]

RTE – BBQ and Vintage Bike Collection

Local loop in Southeast MASun August 12, 2018(-80 miles) (Click link at bottom for more photos) Credit: Ed Conde Despite flash flood warnings and pockets of heavy rain and t-storms scattered around the New England region, about 30 New England Riders turned out (many on four wheels this time) for an enjoyable lunchtime meet-up at the […]

Revenge on the Bison RTE

Central MASaturday, October 21, 2017(~160 miles) Though I bear no true ill will (well, maybe a little…) towards the lovesick Yellowstone bison that ended my grand journey so abruptly, the incident made me determined to try out some bison meat at the earliest opportunity once the ST was operational again. It’s a way of saying […]