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BMRx Rally 2016 Part 2: Slow Start…

Fri 9/23/2016 (Still Prologue…)Barton VT to …um Newport VT~ 15 miles I had (hopefully) learned my lesson from sleeping late during the Minuteman rally earlier this year (when I completely missed the ending breakfast and awards), by purchasing a Screamin Meanie alarm device – 120 decibels of beeping pain requiring the press of 3 buttons […]

BMRx Rally 2016 Part 1: Not Right In the Head

Thursday 9/22/2016 (Prologue)SE Mass to Barton VT~ 240 miles For two months, I’d been eagerly awaiting the day to arrive to participate in the BMRx Rally, a 66.6 hour endurance motorcycle rally that was being held in multiple locations around the US simultaneously (http://bigmoneyrally.com/bmrx/?page_id=118017). This would be my first multi-day endurance rally, and I felt […]

RR – Moonshine Trip 2016 – Day 2

DAY 2 – April 8Marshall, IL – Marshall, IL 4/8/2016~145 miles After my late arrival on Thursday, I grabbed some convenience store grub to chow on while I caught up on email, weather, etc. before bed. I was disappointed and a bit disconcerted to learn that some fellow New England Riders had gotten blocked off […]

RR – Moonshine Trip 2016 – Day 1

DAY 1 – Curt Gran Memorial SADDLESORE 1000Lowell, MA -> Casey, IL -> Marshall, IL4/7/2016~ 1122 miles Woke up before my 2am alarm due to excitement and dozed until the alarm actually went off. Had everything laid out already and sipped a cup of hotel coffee while showering and dressing. I limited my caffeine intake […]

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