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Details about bike maintenance work or farkles added.

IBR 2019: Packin’ Up (Day -14)

IBR T minus 14 days

Welp, the shit’s getting real now. Just two weeks from now, I will have been launched out of the starting area, along with about 100 other riders to criss-cross the continent for 11 days. Preparation has been going well and I feel like the bike and I are mostly ready for the upcoming challenge. This […]

IBR 2019: Catching Up (Day -40)

IBR 2019 Day -40: Catching Up

A lot of time has passed since writing up my last IBR prelude post, as I wasn’t sure when or if I was going to post these updates at all prior to the rally itself. So some catch-up is in order. This year’s Iron Butt Rally will be starting and ending in Greenville, South Carolina. […]

“Keg” Aux Tank Mounting & Installation

An auxiliary fuel tank has been one of the last truly “necessary” LD farkles missing from my rig. While the ST has a respectable range of 250+ (depending on conditions), the ability to get 350+ miles from a fill-up has become the norm for competitive LD rallies and long certification rides on the clock. I […]

IBR 2019 Day -373: Fools Farkle

Preparing for two major rallies at the same time (this years Butt Lite and next year’s IBR) has some advantages, but requires some clearheadedness so as to keep timelines and priorities straight. I’ve begun making purchases and considering additional purchases to prep the bike – things that I’d never thought I’d want or need, but […]

Dabbling on the Darkside

After going through three rear tires this year in 20K miles (two of which came to end-of-life while travelling away from home), I decided it was time to take a different approach and put a car tire (a.k.a. “CT”) on my rear motorcycle wheel. Known as “darksiding” or “going to the dark side”, this practice […]

Winter 2016 Farkling Project (ST1300)

After picking up my new leftover 2012 ST1300 just before New Year’s, the mild New England winter this year allowed some mid-winter riding to get a bit of a feel for her. I’d been reading a bunch of blog posts and STOC threads and articles for customization ideas and I quickly came up with the […]