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Details about bike maintenance work or farkles added.

IBR 2019: Packin’ Up (Day -14)

IBR T minus 14 days

Welp, the shit’s getting real now. Just two weeks from now, I will have been launched out of the starting area, along with about 100 other riders to criss-cross the continent for 11 days. Preparation has been going well and I feel like the bike and I are mostly ready for the upcoming challenge. This […]

IBR 2019: Catching Up (Day -40)

IBR 2019 Day -40: Catching Up

A lot of time has passed since writing up my last IBR prelude post, as I wasn’t sure when or if I was going to post these updates at all prior to the rally itself. So some catch-up is in order. This year’s Iron Butt Rally will be starting and ending in Greenville, South Carolina. […]

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